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Armchair Analysis of the 2014 Cycling Season
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Voiding your Warranty Since 1999

We at Graveltech know how to properly void a warranty, and with my entrance to the SSWC09 assured, would like to show you the hot custom mods we did to this Soma 415 single speed.
Dead Disco

Graveltech Rack Prototype Close to Market

After extensive testing, the Gravel Tech "FAT Rack" is in full production. Photobucket The FAT Rack has quite a few unique features, such as it's universal mounting rings on the front of the rack. Our engineering team created this clever feature to increase load yaw and create audible load recognition (so you always know it's there).

Scoopty for the Hoopty

Tad the Champ, of Portland, has taken his long messengering experience and is now putting it into cargo racks. He calls them TCB Racks.

Seatpost for Mecacycle or How to Void a Warranty

I really enjoy looking through manufacturer's catalogs, there's always that page with a picture of some product surrounded by contrived blueprints and notes, with some sort of precision measuring apparatus, machined metal shavings, and a random tool or two. This is how an art director envisions how consumers envision how bike parts are made. It's especially funny when said part is made of carbon fiber Graveltech Precision

Fenders for Surly

Taking a break from turning low end 70's Peugeots into fixies with quick releases and selling them on craigslist, we focused on making sense of these strange Japanese liquid vectoring devices for bicycle wheels. Photobucket Apparently they're called "fenders" in Japanese, and these are made by Honjo. Don't know what all the fuss was about, they practically installed themselves.

T-Minus One Front Derailleur and Seatpost and Counting...

Comin' Along
More progress in the riveting Mecacycle saga, as some wheels rolled out of Spaceman's Custom Wheelhouse for the old Turbo.
Hoopty Strips

The Mystery Project Less Mysterious

A mysterious and unique frameset I picked up over a year ago is nearer completion.Photobucket

Some Visual Delights from on Holiday at Oregon Manifest

There was this place I went, and they had fancy bicycles. It's called Portland, and they fancy themselves the birthplace of all cycloization.Smaller than dog size I saw some pretty...

NOISE 2008

I love that we haven't done a thing and the NOISE just keeps rolling along:

To all that ride one speed bikes, like to keep dirt under their tires and don't suck at life...
Saturday, October 18th, for those not familiar, the ride will feature some of, but not all of, and certainly more than the foll owing:Single track,Booze drinking,Sweet jumps,Park shredding,Public urination,Cheap beer,Chevil wasted,Swag,Condemned buildings ,A skeleton skinsuit,Joy and prosperity,Primus,A Canadian (it's an international event),Roadie mocking,Racing,After party,Human sacrafice,Feats of strength,And a really fucking sweet belt.
Meet at The Fresh Pot (4001 N. Mississippi Ave.) at high noon!

Update: photos are coming in:

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